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What to bring on your SKYEFARI adventure

“I’ve booked onto my SKYEFARI adventure but I’m not sure what to bring… help!”

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. But choosing the right gear for a day out in Scotland’s countryside can be a challenge in itself. How many layers do I need? Do I need waterproofs? Two jackets? Three? Four? It can be a minefield.

Fear not! In this easy-to-read 2-3 minute guide, we offer some helpful tips to ensure you’re ready for your day out in the great Scottish outdoors.

First up: layers.

Layers are your friend. Easy to take off, easy to put on. Ideal for Scotland’s notoriously unreliable weather. The number of layers you have will largely depend on the season, making sure you have extra layers in the colder months. But here’s the kicker: always opt for a wind and waterproof outer layer. Not only will this protect you from unfavourable weather, but also help improve the efficiency of your other layers — keeping you much warmer throughout the day.

We suggest bringing a wicking fabric, such as polyester or ultra-fine merino wool, to help you stay comfortable. Steer away from heavy, slow-drying materials like cotton and denim. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!

Layers are the best way to stay comfortable in the Scottish outdoors. Photo: Paul Sharman


We do our best to get as close to the Skye Five, and other Scottish wildlife, as possible. But a pair of binoculars always comes in handy, just in case. Take any pair you feel comfortable with. Or, if you forget, we’ve got you covered. On your adventure, you’ll be able to try out gear from Swarovski Optik — official Hebridean Adventure partner. Use their top quality scope and binoculars to #seetheunseen.

A pair of binoculars always come in handy. Photo: Paul Sharman


Be camera-ready and capture your favourite SKYEFARI moments. Whether it’s the Isle of Skye’s awe-inspiring scenery or wildlife, make sure you’re ready.

And we love viewing our client’s photography! Make sure to hashtag #SKYEFARI on Instagram so we can see it and repost.


Got a question? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Care team. Phone +44 7871 463755 or e-mail today.

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