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This Is Our Story

Escape the crowds and join us for a fantastic day or night time 4x4 wildlife-watching adventure in hidden areas off the beaten track around Scotland's beautiful Isle of Skye.

The Skye Five

We will target the 'Big 5' of Skye's wildlife species, what we affectionately call the "Skye Five".

Skye Five


A huge bird of prey, second in size only to the white-tailed eagle in the UK. With its long broad wings and long-ish tail offering a distinct outline to the smaller buzzard.


As the largest deer species, it's no surprise that this is also the UK's largest mammal. From its sheer grandiose to its antlers, meet one of Scotland's most famous icons.


These playful mammals are also expert hunters — eating fish, crustaceans and other critters. In Scotland, an otter's den (aka 'holt') is usually built under tree roots or a rocky cairn, in which the offspring (or 'pups') live for up to one year.


The seal is a popular sight in the sheltered waters around Scotland's coast. They can be seen in Orkney, the Shetland Islands, the Hebrides and the Monach Isles, which is the second-largest breeding colony of grey seals in the world.


The white-tailed eagle is a very large eagle widely distributed across Eurasia. As are all eagles, it is a member of the family Accipitridae — which includes other diurnal raptors such as hawks, kites and harriers.

Otter 2.jpg

There are plenty of other resident and seasonal birds and mammals to be seen to of course on the Isle of Skye, including the chances of even spotting whales, dolphins and porpoise from the shore in certain areas on our guided 4x4 wildlife adventures.

Your Guide

Owner & Wildlife Guide


A very experienced professional ecologist, David has worked all over the Highlands and Islands and knows Skye's wildlife hotspots intimately.

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