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Night-time adventures with SKYEFARI wildlife tours

Wanting something a little different for your holiday on the Isle of Skye in Scotland this year? Look no further. At SKYEFARI, we care about making your Skye adventure as special as possible. That’s why we offer day-time and night-time trips in our specially converted 4x4 Mercedes minibus.

Why night-time?

  • See the Isle of Skye in a new light. Experience the magnificent beauty of Skye at the most magical time: sunset.

  • As the light fades, watch as the animals come out to play. Many of the isle’s wildlife are crepuscular — meaning that they’re most active at twilight. Including some of our SkyeFive favourites like otters and red deer.

  • Night-time soundscapes. While spotting animals in the dark might seem more challenging (not with us — more on our SKYEFARI night-vision camera up next), hearing them at their most active hours will be much easier. From birdsong to deer calls, settle in to an experience of the senses.

Night vision photo of a red deer, taken on a SKYEFARI adventure. Photo: SKYEFARI/David Lambie

Utilising night vision technology, our expert guide David Lambie, a seasoned ecologist, will be on-hand to help you identify wildlife — revealing the creatures that come out under cover of darkness.

Are you ready to create an unforgettable experience for yourself, friends and family? Get in touch with Linda who runs our Customer Care team today on +44 (0)7871 463755 or e-mail

Please note that start times vary throughout the year to match the season and advanced booking is essential!

For the most avid wildlife watchers amongst you we can run the day and evening tours back to back to give you the full Skye wildlife watching experience - just ask for details.

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